1. S/T EP

  2. Music From The Dial
    Full Of Hell

  3. I Think I'm Losing Touch
    Desperate Living

  4. Carnal Sect
    Whip Hand

  5. Road Warriors
    Zero Progress

  6. A Nocturnal Psyche
    Obsolete Sun

  7. S/T EP
    The Nuclear Family

  8. Flower Shops and Vada Pop (Not Punk Session #18)

  9. Paradise and Personality (Not Punk Session #15)

  10. October Dial Mixtape

  11. Second EP
    end of the summer

  12. September Dial Mixtape

  13. August Dial Mixtape

  14. Crisis Dogs
    Crisis Arm / Dogs

  15. Anniversary Session (Not Punk Session #14)

  16. Interstellar Vacation
    Spring Break '95 / Planet Vegeta

  17. July Dial Mixtape
    Various Artists

  18. When I Saw God His Hand Was Broken
    Typical Apache

  19. Eve

  20. Teenager
    Inspired And The Sleep

  21. caterwaul
    Crisis Arm

  22. The Big Compromise
    Save The Swim Team

  23. Forgive Us (Not Punk Session #13)

  24. ACxDC Live Session (TBFH Session #3)

  25. Unplugged At The Dial
    The Gravitys

  26. Filthy Human

  27. Trey the Ruler (Not Punk Session #12)
    Trey the Ruler

  28. PSO Tape Split

  29. junk drawer
    Crisis Arm

  30. Rainbows & Happiness (Not Punk Session #11)
    The Garden

  31. Semi-revolutionary
    Just Nick

  32. Sick Of Sleeping In
    Black Panther

  33. Growing Pains Demo
    Always Try

  34. Dead End Alaska (Not Punk Session #10)
    Dead End Alaska

  35. Qualivid
    Them Savages / northAMERICANS

  36. Them Savages (Not Punk Session #9)
    Them Savages

  37. Motherboy (Not Punk Session #8)

  38. It's No Time Ta Sing About Girls Demo

  39. The Gravitys Bring You Down (Not Punk Session #7)
    The Gravitys

  40. The Coltranes - Sessions of Terror and Piss (Not Punk Session #6)
    The Coltranes

  41. Beanvian Stalk (Not Punk Session #5)
    Beanvian Stalk

  42. Kaftka (Not Punk Session #4)

  43. Nick Wuebben (Not Punk Session #3)
    Nick Wuebben

  44. P.O.S. (Not Punk Session #2)

  45. northAmericans (Not Punk Session #1)


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